Fire odor problems? Forget about it!


Why to choose us

We’ve been in this business for more than a decade, and our experience has grown accordingly. Every single one of our customers was satisfied and pleased how we dealt with problems fire caused them. Having dealt with the aftermath of fires in buildings of all sizes, we can assure you that we will do everything in our power to restore your property to the condition it was in before the fire.


Getting rid of smoke odor

Depending on the material burned, there can be varying levels of difficulty to remove smoke odor from your home. Our services are guaranteed to solve your smoke odor problems regard less of the fire type, using all techniques currently available on the market.

Restoring home from the damage

One mistake many of our clients make before coming to us, is trying to mend the problem by themselves. Sure, in some cases it can be harmless and enough, but there’s a lot more to fire and smoke restoration than it meets the eye. Dangerous chemicals and hot ashes, toxic concoctions created by fire getting into contact with various liquids we have lying around that can create toxic fumes are just some of the things people forget about.

Around the clock service

Our company provides 24/7 emergency call-out service, and we find pride in being available to our clients at all times. Whether its weekends or holidays, we are always available.



Mary Hick

While I was grocery shopping part of our chimney collapsed, causing it to block the way for the smoke to get out. I wasn’t even out for more than 30 minutes, but the smoke filled our whole home, and I don’t know what we would’ve done if we didn’t find your company to help us clean all that mess up!

Gerald Walsh

We had a fire incident in our family house, in our kitchen, and luckily firemen arrived before the fire could spread further. Even though the fire itself didn’t spread, all the smoke and the water used to put out the fire rendered our home almost impossible to live in, until we found you guys who helped us tremendously, and did wonders. Now we only remember that there was a fire, since there is no evidence of it at all!

Marilyn Brown

I live in an apartment building in which one of the apartments caught fire, and damage from the smoke and water was crazy! Mine and a few other apartments were affected, water was dripping from the ceiling and smoke got into literally everything, it was unbearable, I couldn’t breathe! And you guys made our apartments habitable again! Thank you!